What is ...


Education. Tech. 
Reclamation of sustainable culture.

Every product tells us a story that traces us back to our roots. 
Filiology (fi-lee-oh-lo-jee) is learning about our roots and taking things back to a time of slow food, slow fashion and zero waste.

Our priorities are education, environment and livelihood.
Philippine population is composed of approximately 25% indigenous people. It is our objective to preserve their knowledge of sustainability, educate others and help them thrive through tech.


Rediscover - To re-educate local & international audiences about Philippine culture through our stories of discovery. 

Revive - To revive & sustain the livelihood of indigenous communities by integrating traditional design with modern technology. 

Reconnect - To reconnect local artisans, who are living the heritage of Philippine cultural roots & values, to local and global audiences. They serve as examples of sustainable practices for the world.


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