Bandanas For Healing

Filiology x Cancer Warriors Foundation


Become a sponsor and support the livelihood of Philippine indigenous communities while battling cancer. By purchasing a Yakan Prosperity Bandana or Kalinga Healing Bandana for yourself, a child battling cancer will receive a Kalinga Healing Bandana. A portion of each sale will go toward the Cancer Warriors Foundation for the continued support of children & their families as they battle with cancer. 

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Sponsorship levels:

Companion - $50/P1,500
Each companion will receive a Kalinga Healing Bandana ("sapayong"/"abungos") adorned with beads used in the "atod"/"sipat" (string of beads used in healing & protection rituals). This is a multi-use accessory hand-woven by the Kalinga community. (Triangular shape: 36" x 24"/91.5cm x 61cm. Available colors: green and red.)

Kalinga Abungos - Healing bandana

Healer - $95/P3,625
Each healer will receive a Yakan Prosperity Bandana ("seputangan"). Truly a work of art, it can be worn in different ways or framed & displayed as home decoration, each one is unique and no two are the same. (Square shape: 30"x30"/76cm x 76cm. Available colors: blue, orange, red, pink, green and white.)

Healing Benefactor - $260/P11,875
Benefactors will receive more intricately woven bandanas ("seputangan") from the Yakan community. (Square shape: 30"x30"/76cm x 76cm. Available colors: blue, orange, red, pink, green, black and white.)




On October 29, a small group of mothers from the Northernmost part of the Philippines (Kalinga) to the South (Zamboanga) came together in an intimate ceremony to gift children battling cancer with handwoven bandanas. The ceremony kickstarted Filiology and the Cancer Warriors Foundation Inc.'s campaign "Bandanas for Healing." It was intended not just to raise funds for the children of the Cancer Warriors Foundation, but also to let the children know that indigenous communities from North to South of the Philippines, have come together with prayers for healing them in body and spirit. Local weaving communities traditionally perform rituals & prayers as they begin and end their weaving. The weaves are their expression for the complexities & blessings of life.

The Yakan take pride in even the underside of each seputangan. Proof in the hard work and expertise of the artisan is seen on either side of these fabrics. The Yakan see this as a symbol for the struggles and hard work that we sometimes hide. Without these, beauty would not be possible.

Photo caption: Carmen Auste, Co-founder of the Cancer Warriors Foundation, and Gwendolyn Torres, Co-founder of Filiology, hold up the back and front of the seputangan, respectively.

The children battling cancer were gifted with Healing Bandanas (called "abungos"/"sapayong") woven by the Kalinga community. 

Beads from the Kalinga ("atod" and "sipat," a strand of beads used in healing & peace pact rituals respectively), adorn the abungos with colors & patterns also used for the healing & protection of ancient warriors.