Women's Month 2020 - #FilipinaPower

March is Women's month and every week, we will be featuring women who have inspired us to pass on Philippine traditions and heritage through their life's work. 

 1) Nominate a Filipina who has passed down lessons, traditions, to you.

2) Post photo or video of above

3) Tell us about her, what you learned from her

4) Use hashtag #FilipinaPower #Filiology

5) Tag us with @filiology

6) If your post is picked for sharing, we'll send you a prize. 

This week we are featuring Rhodora and Real May, a mother-daughter weaving tandem from Ilocos.

Rhodora & Real May

Rhodora has loved weaving all her life and has passed this love down to her daughter. It's not just the weaving she passed down, but the ability to literally "weave toward your dreams", said Real May when we caught her weaving these beautiful Inabel handtowels. She is a unique youth in that she believes her mother, through weaving, has taught her the value or hard work and patience. She told us that she wished that people her age would understand that weaving trains you to solve problems, thread by thread.

Watch out for the video of these two this month and share your own photos & videos with us!

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