The Wasig Placemat Design: Creating Demand to Revive Heritage Designs

The design of these placemats is called "wasig", which is a design specifically revived by Agnes who looked them up in a book, asked elders how to do it and played with the colors. The challenge faced is that not many youth plan to continue on with the tradition. They come and weave to get through school and then decide to work in the city or abroad. 
Agnes, on the other hand, came to dedicate herself to the craft in her 30's because it allowed her to take care of her growing family. Should the demand of these designs increase, we hope others follow Agnes' example. Greater demand gives a reason for elders like Agnes to pass the knowledge on and for the next generation of weavers to learn the heritage designs. 
Weaving the Wasig design
Many of the weavers are grandmothers like her who would otherwise be retired. Others are students, some are orphans trying to support themselves and of these, there are also both men & women who are learning the craft. At the weaving facility, they are able to be together and share their love for weaving as they keep the tradition alive and take care of their families' education, food, housing and medication.
Placemat Setting 
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