Malongs are tubular pieces of fabric that have offered long-lasting versatility as clothing, a blanket, a carrier for fruits & vegetables and even for carrying babies around to many indigenous tribes.


They were often worn by tribal royalty to communicate status. Magenta and yellow were originally reserved for the nobility class and were handwoven with intricate patterns.

Today, traditional malongs are designed by descendants who may have opted to print or paint traditional designs. The desinger or painter of these malongs is usually a 5th generation family member who has learned the art from an previous generatiom. Unlike ready-to-wear mass-produced designs, these artisans only creates a limited number of prints for each design making each set unique, special and part of his ever-evolving craft.

We were fortunate enough to have gotten limited stocks of Davao malongs from one such man, whose family has been involved in malong art for decades.

Use your malong as a beach cover-up, blanket, bag, carrier and even as a dress!


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