Yakan Hoop Earrings (Set of 3)

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These earrings come in a set of 3 (Green, Blue, Red) and are handmade from Yakan weaves. Wear them as a statement of support for heritage crafts. 

THE STORY: Some members of the Yakan community fled from Basilan in the 1970s due to civil unrest in their homeland. Upon settling in Zamboanga, the industrious & creative group decided that they could use their skills in weaving, which was mainly for making family gifts and clothes, to create value for others and livelihood for themselves. Since then, their weaves have grown in demand both locally and abroad. 

We have specifically selected this product to give budding indigenous artisans an incentive for learning the heritage crafts, while supporting their goals in other disciplines. In addition, the products become tools for them, as well as the buyers, to learn & preserve the meaning & history behind the crafts in these modern times. 

We hope to reinforce the idea that it is possible to balance the preservation of heritage arts & crafts with other aspirations. They are not mutually exclusive. Some indigenous youth study to someday be police officers, designers, IT professionals, but it doesn't mean that they cannot continue to identify with and preserve their heritage. For some, heritage arts & crafts is a primary source of income, but within an increasingly global society, it doesn't have to be a choice of either-or. There are opportunities to pursue global careers while preserving heritage. In fact, we believe taking your identity with you and contributing to the conversation of global diversity and sustainable design is essential. Philippine indigenous roots have much to contribute to this knowledge pool. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because the artisans make these products in batches and from various pieces of weaving panels, each set may differ slightly in pattern. Colors will generally, be the same but each set will be unique in pattern and orientation. 

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