Tausug Portable Mat (Set of 2)

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This set comes with 1 natural color mat and 1 colored. Indicate in the notes section at checkout your preferred color. 

Handmade by the Tausug community of Sulu, these mats can be used for sitting on the beach, an outdoor concert and personal time, such as meditation. A strap has been integrated into the original mat design for your convenience.

Predominantly a Muslim community in the Philippines, "Tausug" means "people of the current". These mat (banig) designs are inspired by elements in their natural environment such as flowers, trees, mountains, waves and corals.  

Because the artisans make a limited number per design, patterns & colors in shots with models may vary from the photos. FOR MULTICOLOR, VERY LIMITED NUMBER PER PATTERN. PLEASE MESSAGE US BEFORE PURCHASING TO CONFIRM AVAILABILITY.

2' x 3'
61cm x 91cm

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