Panay Bukidnon 2-Layer Electrostatic (Non-Medical) Masks - Set of 10

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The Panay Bukidnon tribe resides on the island of Panay in the Visayas. Known for their beautiful embroidery ("pagbuburda"), it is a source of livelihood for their women.

Their language describes many of the patterns they embroider, following their "binabaylan" (shamanistic) practices and "binukot" (kept maiden) tradition, where every activity is inspired by environmental spirits. Some of the common patterns are: eye of the bird ("matang punay"), skin of the snake ("sudlikama"), carriage/raft ("tuko tuko")and fish bone ("sikag sikag").

Comes in sets of 10 (5 black, 5 white).

These masks have 1 layer of cotton where the embroidery is sewn, which acts as mechanical filtration. Underneath are 2 layers of electrostatic filtration.

1) Hand wash and hang dry after every use.
2) Because these are handmade, there may be slight variation in the color patterns from the photo online.
3) You can adjust the fit by knotting the ends.
4) For use in non-medical settings only.