Kalinga Dinayaw Necklaces (Set of 5)

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Each set comes with one of each color: Black, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.

Kalinga beadwork reflects their history. You will oftentimes find shell beads in their work, which is a remnant of historical currency used by visiting traders. These beads were displayed on clothing, worn as necklaces particularly for women, as a sign of affluence.

Each color has meaning as well such as yellow for prosperity (because yellow rice is ready for selling), red for bravery, blue for clean water, black for earth, brown for dirty water, and green for growing rice fields.

Because the artisans create limited numbers per design and vary the design with each batch, patterns may vary slightly from the photos with models. Kindly refer to the close-up photos of the necklaces for current available colorways.

Width: 1-2" or 2.5-5 cm
Length: 18"

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