Kalinga Beading - Starter Kits (Set of 2)

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Come with 2 kits. Each kit contains:

1 - Handwoven Kalinga Bracelet straps (Each starter kit is unique with assorted handwoven straps inside a surprise)
1 - Bottle of beads Recycled Plastic Beads, an innovation of the Kalinga
1 - Bottle of regular small beads
1 - Small Beading Needle
1 - Large Closing Needle

Precious Kalinga heritage beads date as far back as the Ming dynasty and handed down to each generation to mark milestone life events.

Today, they replicate these beads by recycling plastic from spoons, combs, pens and more.

These bracelet straps are designed and woven by Kalinga students. Many of the youth begin their mastery of weaving and beading by starting on small pieces such as these, working in small groups as they chat. This not only, reinforces their relationships, but also trains them to have dexterity, concentration and an eye for color and texture.

In these modern times, we have found that the tradition of beading can be therapeutic and can be a great form of community bonding.

Keep up with live workshops or follow our online workshops at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuWcp77txNGk6v8uQ43Zb2Q

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