Kalinga Sapayong (non-beaded ) - Multi-purpose accessory

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The Kalinga use colors and weaves that reflect elements and values that are of importance to them.

Pick a theme that speaks to you:

Sustainable Life - This set is all about protecting the wealth of the natural environment. The pattern is called "lilaktob", which is inspired by the honeycomb shape created by the riverside tribes of Kalinga. The blue & green colors of this set represent the wealth of plant life in the rice terraces of Kalinga and the blue backdrop of the sky. Red is sacred color related to life force. The tinatalaaw (hourglass shapes) patterns in both bandanas symbolize the passage of day & night with the sina-sao (crisscross) patterns commonly used in the tattoos of the region as a talisman for protection. A reminder that if we protect nature, it will nourish us.

Bravery - In Kalinga, red is the color of bravery. This set contains 2 shades of red. The stripes are called inar-archan (ladder pattern), which tell the story of how warriors have to cross rivers to return to their village. The tiny dots on each represent the inud-uchan (rain) that fall on the mountains of Kalinga.

Healing & Protection - The patterns of this set are symbols typically found on Kalinga shields and used in healing & protection ceremonies. The anib pattern (shaped like an X) reflects a talisman that Kalinga healers use to touch the members of family to invoke divine protection. There are also tiny curves throughout the bandana which are called chuyos. The chuyos depict the leaves and trunk of the sturdy fern which are also used for healing & protection.

Because the artisans create limited numbers per design and vary the design with each batch, patterns and beadwork may vary slightly from these photos.

Small: 36" x 24"/ 91.5cm x 61cm
Large: 38" x 28" / 96.5cm x 71cm

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