Sama-Bajau Antipara

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The Sama-Bajau fishermen use wooden goggles called “antipara” when they free dive for fish. Many of them have their own individual designs, crafted to fit right on the eye socket for comfort and maximum peripheral view.

Recent efforts to assist them in their livelihood have produced improvements to their design and process. One of these improvements is the use of teak wood, which is resistant to damage from the sun or saltwater. The wood they used in the past was a type of mangrove wood and environmentally unsustainable since it impacts the mangrove.

The swivel and rubber strap of the “antipara” are typical material used by the fishermen today found in local fishing shops such as rubber and fishing nylon. Another improvement that has been made was to give the fishermen access to recycled rubber instead. This is another great example of how modern techniques and information help to keep a heritage craft alive in these times.

NOTE: Unless you are Sama Bajau, genetically adapted for free diving to depths of up to 200 feet /60m, do not use these goggles for free diving beyond 30 feet/10m without the guidance of a coach.