Yakan Laptop & Attache Case

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Some members of the Yakan community fled from Basilan in the 1970s due to civil unrest in their homeland. Upon settling in Zamboanga, the industrious & creative group decided that they could use their skills in weaving, which was mainly for making family gifts and clothes, to create value for others and livelihood for themselves. Originally a document case of their own innovation, we worked with them to make a few tweaks and this laptop/attache case was born.

If you are a digital nomad, take your office and a bit of Philippine heritage with you in these cases.

Sizes (measure your laptop on the diagonal to match a size for you):

Small: 11"-15"

Medium: 15"-18"

Large: 18"-20"

PICKING A SIZE:For those who want a snug fit, pick a size that is closest to your diagonal length. If you want a case that will fit your charger, pick a size with the larger range.

For example, if you have an 15" laptop, but want to fit your charger, pick a medium case. If you want a snug fit without the charger, pick a small case.

PATTERN VARIATION: Because weaves are made in batches, designs will be similar in color but may vary slightly in pattern. 

Each pattern reflects cultural elements in Yakan life:

Ding-lu Ding-lu - A  woven expression of hand-baked cake seen in the diamond shape.

Dembuwa (one) Kabanbuddi (pattern) - Sometimes called Sama Bunga, this is a single repeating pattern of alternating flower & diamond shapes.

Sinaluan Birey Birey - There are varying names for this depending on how detailed the pattern is. Teed/adjayt, usually found in their traditional pants and rarely made for commercial purposes is the most detailed, followed by Sinaluan Birey Birey. Both are abstractions of native bamboo.

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