Inabel Beach & Yoga Towels (Set of 2)

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“Inabel” or “Abel Iloko” is fabric from the Ilocos region in Northern Luzon. Handwoven on large antique wooden looms and considered as fine as French lace, they were historically traded as precious luxury items as far back as pre-colonial Philippines. The fabric is soft, pliable and durable. Oftentimes, the designs vary depending on what each weaver decides to create giving each piece a unique quality.

These towels are thinner, lighter and quicker to hang dry than conventional towels. Perfect to take to the beach or to use during yoga. They come in traditional "Kundiman" patterns, but modern slate colors. The “Kundiman” is a type of plain white pattern, which means love song and this is why it is traditionally gifted to couples or family households. The woven threads symbolize the ties that bind a couple and eventually the home they will build together.

Each set comes with 1 of each:

Nagbubukal in slate Grey - This pattern reflects the circular ripples and droplets of fountains or springs. "Bukal" usually refers to a spring or fountain in Tagalog, but can also mean to start or begin or open something. Although the local language is Ilokano, the weavers tend to name their patterns in Tagalog, English or Ilokano.

Gipang Gipang in slate Blue - This is a repeating diamond pattern that gives the towel more of a fluffy softness that holds more water, but still easier to dry than the conventional towels.

Each batch of towels are handmade by artisans and patterns may vary per batch.

55 in x 28 in
139.5 cm x 71 cm