Book Carriers (Set of 2)

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A lot of our history can be found in books, but not necessarily taken as part of the mainstream curriculum. We hope to encourage more reading and rediscovery by sharing some of the books we reference when we research about the communities we work with. Watch out for featured books on our social media accounts that will go with these book carriers.

These covers were created using multiple textiles from different communities and are meant to replace plastic book protectors. Pick a pattern from a community that you connect with. 

Lilagtob - From the Kalinga community. Kalinga scholars have found that the honeycomb shape is actually inspired by the "inammata" design of the Ga'dang tribe, which is an "eye" design to ward off evil.

Bunga - From the Yakan community. Referred to as Dembuwa (one) Kabanbuddi (pattern) and sometimes called Sama Bunga, this is a single repeating pattern of alternating flower and diamond shapes.

Sinaluan Birey Birey - From the Yakan Community. There are varying names for this depending on how detailed the pattern is. Teed/adjayt, usually found in their traditional pants and rarely made for commercial purposes is the most detailed, followed by Sinaluan Birey Birey. Both are abstractions of native bamboo.

Bayuko - From the Mangyan-Hanunuo community. Taken from their traditional "ramit", which is a heavy & tightly woven multi-purpose clothing that feels very much like denim. The pattern is inspired by the snail (bayuko) trails they see in the forest.  

These carriers are designed to fit typical textbook sizes and even coloring books so that they can be reused. You will find pockets both inside and out for your cellphone, highlighters and pens. The great thing about books is getting to write on the margins and highlight information that matters to you!

Sizes: Please make sure to measure your books when open, and laid down flat.

Large - For books 11-12" tall, 19-21" wide when open

Small - For books 9-10"tall, 16-18" wide when open

If your book is smaller than maximum size that fits in the carrier, it may fit a bit loosely. Make sure to center the book and tighten the velcro clasps before closing to ensure the best fit.