Yakan Eco Bag - Set of 12

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Comes in set of 12 various colors: black, red, blue, and green.

These bags are an innovation by the Yakan community in Mindanao. In an effort to RECLAIM SUSTAINABLE CULTURE, they integrated their beautiful weaves into these foldable & reusable bags. 

Indigenous people have co-existed with their natural environment for thousands of years with very little waste. It's only in the past 100 years that waste & pollution has increased to globally unhealthy levels. Let's follow their lead and start with committing to using reusable bags when we shop. These fit easily into purses, backpacks and other bags and make great giveaways.

In an effort to reduce waste, each weaving panel is maximized to create these ecobags. Therefore, patterns may vary, but colors are generally the same.

Bottom: 10in / 25.5cm
Mouth: 14in / 35.5 cm
Hight/Depth: 15in/ 38cm

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