Maguindanao Inaul Multi-Use Malong

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The malong is a traditional "tube skirt", which has over a hundred different configurations. Perfect for traveling, it can be used as a skirt, dress, shawl, scarf, extra bag, baby carrier, baby hammock, a changing tent, and so much more. These malongs have the "Tipas" pattern, which is a pattern whose inspiration is drawn from the sweetened bread delicacy of the tribe. 

These "Inaul" malongs are made by the Maguindanao of Mindanao. "Maguindanao" means "people of the flood plains" because their ancestral land in Central Mindanao is often flooded by monsoon rains several times a year.

"Inaul" (also pronounced inol) is a time-honored weaving tradition of the Maguindanao. Weaving is thought to be a spiritual practice and the highest form of artistic expression as it requires great technical skills with training starting in early youth.

Each color used in the weaves has a meaning:

Red - bravery
Green - peace & tranquility
Black - dignity
White - sadness, purity & mourning
Orange & Yellow - royalty

Pick one that speaks to you.

Because these are handmade, each piece is unique and the pattern may vary slightly. Please be reminded that these are not machine made and made by intermediate weavers still learning to master their craft. We intentionally purchased from intermediate weavers to support their learning and make their work available for patrons.

Care Instructions: Handwash and airdry. No bleach. Avoid objects that may snag on the threads.

42" x 32" or 107 cm x 81 cm