Kalinga Multi-Use Lilagtob Scarf, Belt & Headwrap

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These Kalinga multi-use accessories can be worn for both cold mountain weather or warm beach weather as a headband, obi, bandeau, headwrap, belt or scarf.

There are muted versions of traditional colors such as the night blue and earth red which the artisans have adapted to meet demands of the market. The original blue color represented the blue backdrop of the sky. Red is sacred color related to life force. Green comes from the rice terraces. Black is from the earth.

This Lilagtob pattern  is thought to inspired by the honeycomb found by the riverside tribes of Kalinga. Some recent uses of the word are "lilaktob" and "nilaktob", but the proper root is "lagtob", which means "one after the other" (Source: Kalinga Department of Tourism, "Kalinga Textiles - History and Design"). Kalinga scholars have found that the honeycomb shape is actually inspired by the "inammata" design of the Ga'dang tribe, which is an "eye" design to ward off evil. Some of the elements from these scarves can be found in tattoo patterns of the region. Some may interpret these elements as the tinatalaaw (hourglass/diamond shapes) patterns symbolize the passage of day & night with the sina-sao (crisscross) patterns commonly used as a talisman for protection (Source: "Tapping Ink, Tattooing Identities"). All this is a reminder that if we protect nature, it will nourish us.

Because the artisans create limited numbers per design and vary the design with each batch, patterns may vary slightly from the photos with models in them. Please select your pattern & color from  the swatches. 


6.5" x 79"

16.5 cm x 200 cm