Cancer Warriors Foundation - Kalinga Healing Bracelets (Set of 3)

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Comes in sets of 3 identical colors.

These bracelets were designed specifically for the Cancer Warriors Foundation's efforts to provide CARE and CURE for children with cancer. By purchasing a bracelet, one goes to a child with cancer sending them a message that the community cares about them and is supporting them in their fight against cancer.

A portion of the funds will go toward their education, medication and activities focused on their care and holistic health.

About the design: The red arrubo bead from the Kalinga ("atod" and "sipat," a strand of beads used in healing & peace pact rituals respectively), is used as a center bead in the bracelet. It is a red agate that has been used for the healing & protection of ancient warriors. The adjongan are side beads that are upcycled plastic (handsculpted from plastic utensils) replicas of beads that were thought to act as eyes pointed toward health & healing. Red is the color of bravery, but it is also an earth color that reminds us of our connection to nature, which is essential to health and the healing process.

Important note: Because these bracelets are handmade by artisans, the pattern and beads may vary slightly, but the color will generally be the same.